May 21st, 2005

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so just a few days after I said I wasn't going to be updating my graphics journal for much longer I realised my Flist was getting bogged down with community posts and I was missing a lot of what you guys were posting. So I created a new journal and moved most of my community memberships over there - so if you were wondering where I disappeared to in your community that's the reason. And then I was signed into that journal and for some reason or other signed up for icons100 and put in a request to make Xander icons under the new username...

so I guess I'll be posting icons under that username then!

_zeppogirl  - yup, those of you who knew me in pre-LJ days, I've gone back to an old classic!

Oh - aaronlisa , d'you want me to post the winners for challenge one at zeppo_stillness today or do you want to do it?

And in other random news, I have a cut on my nose and it's irritating me. I've had a pre-cold for a while now, and the skin on my nose is that horrible thin way it gets when I use too many tissues. Now it's split a little and keeps bleeding a little - but of course I can't put anything on it because of where it is, so everytime I sneeze or blow my nose it opens the cut and it bleeds again. Why is life so complicated?


My sister's partner phoned me at 8 last night. Sister wasn't home yet and he was pissed off. Me? I was worried sick since I know she doesn't like driving her new car and since she hadn't called anyone to say she'd be late I had images of her having driven off the road or into a wall again. (The wall she hit when she wrecked the old car is only just fixed - the last of the workmen were packing up when I drove past yesterday). I waited half an hour then called their house - she's fine and couldn't understand why I was so frantic. And then she proceeded to lay into me for not calling her on her birthday (we hadn't spoken for around two weeks) at which point I remembered what I said about my sister being the major cause of me feeling so down and realized that it's completely true.

She's going to call me this morning at some point, I'm going out once I'm dressed - so that'll be in around half an hour. If she calls while I'm still here, great, if not? I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

(oh - and sorry guys on _inthedarkness  - I'm working on a fic pressie for Monkey who's getting married today so I didn't manage to get that scene posted yet. It'll be done, I swear!)

ETA - goddamit the spammers are getting clever! They're using usernames I'm likely to read (the number of 'Buffy somethings' or 'Xander somethings' who've emailed me over the last couple of days? Unbelievable!) And now they're targeting me as a webmistress "buffyxbsvb" just emailed me with the subject line "Your archive" and the email itself read "Here is that file". Sorry to disapoint you buffyxbsvb, 'that file' is now languishing in my deleted items folder just waiting for me to empty it. Anyone else running an archive site, you probably know this already, but the spammers are specifically targeting you now.
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