June 3rd, 2005

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Site issues

INAP is currently down. Working on it - getting pissed off at the tech support staff and am on hold to speak to a supervisor right now.

ETA knock-on effect. Effects of a Troubled Heart is also down - although that one is my doing. Some f*cker hacked into it and planted a malicious script in there so I had to delete everything in the folder. Luckily I have it all (or most of it) saved to this PC so it will all be uploaded again soon with a CSS file this time around and will soon be back bigger and better.

I'm currently holding my breath and hoping the database dump takes so that INAP will be restored asap (the script buried in Effects... is the cause of all this by the way - if I find the f*cker who did it? So dead.)
head-desk - me

Site update again

Still no luck with getting the database uploaded for INAP, but on the plus side I have managed to download all of the text files for the stories so they can be uploaded again once the database is back.

Right now my eyes are burning because I've been staring at code for close to three hours now so I'm off to do something different for a while. Hopefully by the time I get back my webhost will have uploaded the database and I can work on the connections again.

Oh - on a completely random note, the voting for zeppo_stillness is in a major tie right now. Want to make my life just that little easier? Go vote for your favourite icons - you've got another twenty minutes or so! ETA Thank you all for voting - the winners have now been announced! (and you guys really helped break the tie for me - when I posted there were four icons tied for second place and three for third place, I was beginning to think I'd have to announce them all as winners!)
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*Faints with relief*

the big news. I Need A Parrot is back.

Everything seems to be where it was before - a couple of glitches in some of the admin settings but that's all fixed now (or will be really soon)

Could I be a pain and ask you guys who are registered on the site to check your details and fics? Plus, please change your password - I've no way of telling right now how much info the hackers got from the database but it's possible your passwords were copied.

Thank you all for your support! I'm now going to pour myself a very large glass of the particularly good Shiraz I bought this afternoon and switch off the computer!
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