June 11th, 2005

life begins - me

Decision time...

Club Noir tonight. I have a ticket, I have no clue what to wear but I can throw something together I guess.

Cough's getting worse and now I'm light-headed and sneezy. Definitely have a cold on the way and chances are good it'll hit this evening and leave me feeling wretched. So... do I go to Club Noir anyway, knowing I'm going to be spreading grems far and wide and coughing my way through all the acts? Or do I curl up under my blanket on the sofa and watch dvds?

I hate making decisions.
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life begins - me


so, I'm not at Club Noir. I'm not even at engelsteorra's house getting ready to got o Club Noir. Instead I'm sitting here burning up and a little bit blown away by the latest episode of Doctor Who!

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edit Edited to use my new Dalek icon. Made by me. From my own screencap. *g*
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