June 17th, 2005

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I broke STN.

There's a database I use every Friday morning which charges by the second I'm in it so I have to be really careful about everything I do. I mistyped a command and now it's stuck in a loop and won't let me get to the directory I need to be in, get to the help files, get to any page other than the one I'm in and most importantly of all - it won't let me logout.

I started the command sequence at 8.28. It's now 8.48 and I can't get out of the loop. I shut it down by doing a local disconnect and closing the telnet session, but as far as I know it's still ticking away in the background. Every time I try to boot it up again it re-connects to the session I interrupted and gets caught back in that same loop.


I've been doing this for months now - I've got it down to a fine art of getting in and out of the database in less than three minutes. This just sucks!

In other news, I was chatting to emeraldswan last night and I mentioned that I couldn't do anything icon related because everything I did was just crap. I made Summer Glau look buck-toothed last night. How the hell I managed that I'll never know! (and I shut it down without saving in disgust so sorry, you can't see it!). Anyway, after our little chat I kinda decided to play around with some colouring just to see what I came up with. I think they worked out okay in the end! Icon post over here

Now I'm going to have to wait till my boss gets in and apologise profusely for breaking this fricking database and hope to hell there's some way she can rescue it!

ETA Yay! It fixed itself! I thought - I'll give it one last try before the boss comes in and hey presto it was working!
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gradually deteriorating...

Man I feel like crap right now. I hate this not having anything to do nonsense! Okay, my job usually sucks, but at least it gets me through seven or eight hours of the day. Right now I'm sitting here with a word document open and writing a character completely out of character deliberately for CR16. It's bizarre, fun, but bizarre. As to who it is? Well that'd be telling. I think the shift in POV thing is working, or at least from my perspective it is, in that it's not for the entire chapter - it's just for the first part of it and then one of the others will take over again.

Hopefully I should have this part finished by tomorrow - it's definitely all there in my head so it really is just a matter of getting it on paper and hoping someone else (ie Bill) thinks it works as well!

I think it's a sign that I shouldn't be around people much when someone's voice just invokes this urge to kick her in the face until she stops talking. One of the girls in the department is... shall we say a bit of a stranger to tact, but not in an endearing way. Oh no, this female just delights in jumping into conversations and insulting people - seemingly unintentionally. She has an incredibly annoying voice as well and since she's standing about two foot from my desk I'm typing this so that I don't jump out of my seat and physically attack her. I think I may have some sociopathic tendancies...

Got into a little argument with the bitca boss a little while ago and smileawhile sent me this to cheer me up.

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