June 21st, 2005

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My other journal, the one I use for posting icons and the like, is subtitled 'easily distracted'. Never was something so aptly named.

I signed up to write another essay for with_character (Xander character profile, season four). Not a problem, I signed up for it in something like March (or myabe even earlier than that) and thought I had loads of time to do it.

I did have tonnes of time to do it, honest, only problem is - I didn't start it. I got distracted. It's due tomorrow and I'm so not in the mood for writing an essay tonight. Especially not on a season I haven't watched for ages! I'm sitting here with the transcripts open and I'm scribbling notes, all well and good, but I cannot be bothered stringing my thoughts into a cohesive essay...

I want to be writing fiction I think, or maybe iconing. I really want to enter zeppo_stillness this week since I haven't managed it the past couple of times. Deadline for that's tomorrow. (Which reminds me, I need to post a reminder for that!)

Still haven't managed to figure out what it is I've forgotten to do at work, again I got through a full day's work by mid-morning. I need out of that place now. At least when my days were full I didn't feel my brain atrophying away as I sat there RPGing.

Bought an album on impulse yesterday, I'd heard one track played a couple of times on the radio and I saw it advertised on the TV as being a 'unique sound'. I'm blown away by this album, it's just incredible.

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Right, I should get back to not writing this damn essay then...
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