June 25th, 2005

life begins - me

busy like a bee actually...

If the results stay as they are right at this minute on the White Knight Awards I will have 53 winners plaques to make tonight. If the results change even slightly then I could be making double that. Yes, some of the categories are that close. There's one or two votes between the first and second place, and the same between the second and third place. While that's great - to me the lack of runaway winners in those categories indicates the quality of the competition is at such a great level that it's really difficult for you guys to pick an ultimate favourite. (I say you guys because I neither nominate nor vote in these awards.) It's raised a big question in my head.

Last round I personalised as many of the plaques to the story as I could, there was unfortunately one winner who I couldn't do that for as during voting the site hosting the stories went into hiatus and I couldn't read the story myself to get a feel for it. I'd like to do the same again this round - personalise them where I can - but is that just a personal thing to me? I mean, last year I not only included the pairing of the story (where applicable) but I used pictures/stills from as close to the time frame of the story as I could. In the case of crossovers I included as much of the crossover in the banner as I could without making it too cluttered and ugly. (And yes, it was a nightmare picking what particular things to include on the Journeyverse plaque!) I did get really positive responses from some of the winners to the fact they were so personalised but is that just them?

I don't plan to just throw some text over a picture, but would it be better to have the plaques done and ready for tomorrow morning and less personalised, or is it worth spending that extra few hours (or even few days) tailoring each one which will mean a slight delay in announcing the winners?

On top of that I have winners plaques for zeppo_stillness to make (although that's only four and won't take too long) and a couple of stories that are demanding to be written. (I'm writing a Willow pov. Me, writing Willow. First person POV no less. How did that happen?! Don't get me wrong, I love Willow - she's number three on my list of favourites - but I've never really had the urge to write her before now.) Plus, I'm heading out soon to go see if that tiny little music shop is still standing so that I can get new strings and a tuner for my guitar (which, have I mentioned, I love to pieces?!) And I should really either get the grass cut or accept defeat and call a professional landscaper in...

So yeah, busy weekend planned!