June 29th, 2005

life begins - me

Graphics joy!

Finally I'm 100% happy with a plaque I made! Woo Hoo! Took me long enough! Only thing is, I still have so many left to make that I seriously doubt my self-imposed deadline for the announcements will be reached. I had hoped to have them all done and all the winners contacted by tonight. That's not going to happen unless someone somewhere invents some kind of time-stopping machine which has the added benefit of allowing me to work on without getting tired or frustrated at not being able to find the images I need. (Seriously - the folks over at Screencap Paradise apparently hate Xander, any Xander-centric episode usually has the smallest number of files and those that are there tend to be caps of every character but him! And FreezeFrame? Most of the sites housing the episodes I want are gone. I've been capping the scenes I want by myself now, but that depends on me remembering which episode has which scene and then where in the episode it occurs. Not as easy as you might think!)

Now I have a base template for the banners it should make things a lot easier - and potentially quicker. If the announcements are not made tonight (by midnight my time) I'm not going to knock myself out to get them done for tomorrow - instead I'll set a secondary deadline for Friday night.


(and I will hide my Muse, Radiohead, old U2, Faith No More, Staind, Manic Street Preachers etc CDs so I don't get so down again tonight!)
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