July 1st, 2005

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It seems to be catching. Yesterday was Friday dammit! Not Thursday - why is it Friday again today? (I'm not the only one thinking that, there's some kind of global conspiracy going on... I know there is...)

It's not paranoia when they really are out to get you.

The one good thing today is that I have a half day so Iget to leave in three and a half hours. I also have work to keep me busy this morning so I don't have to feel guilty about goofing off and writing fic when I'm pretending to compose the Ejournal FAQs. I finished those last week, I think I know my way around this whole website malarkey so it's not too difficult to compose FAQs when you're the one who both deals with the site and also with people who can't find what they're looking for on the site. Our existing FAQs are way out of date and were written by our head of department. He actually put on the FAQ page: 'What are the UK Higher Education Funding Councils doing about ejournals?' with a huge long answer which bores even me (and I know what they're doing about it!)

No one using the site cares. What they want to know is how to find a journal, how to find an article, whether they need a username and whether it costs them anything. That's pretty much it.


</librarian geek mode>

I really did just go into librarian mode didn't I? *hangs head in shame*

Ah well, better go get some of this work done so that I spend Monday trying to find things to do...

Oh - menat to say. I'm planning on changing my layout here this weekend. The blue is starting to bug me a lot now. Any suggestions for themes?
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head-desk - me

Crappity crap.

So the plaques are all done for WKA, the pages are coded and ready to be loaded onto the site, just one problem. I want to contact the winners personally and I've deleted the document I stored all the email addresses on.


Plus? Grabbed lunch on the run on my way to the docs today (yes, I'm aware of the irony of not eating properly on the day I have an appointment to talk about my blood sugar issues) and got kinda caught up with stuff so I've not eaten anything much. My head's spinning now...

need food....

need to find the email addresses....

need to stop watching the Simpsons - it's a repeat, it's always a repeat...

(btw, oven is on - will be eating soon!)

ETA Getting there, more or less. Why is it that one you guys refuses to put your email address online anywhere?! I've emailed you before so I know I have it somewhere, but gah! And yes, it's a specific person I'm glaring at right now.
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