July 2nd, 2005

life begins - me

Dear BBC

I was shocked to turn on my television set on Saturday evening to see not only 'rap' music (if it can be called music); but so-called 'music' containing offensive lyrics at teatime. Think of the children!

Heh! What's the betting there are already letters to that effect being written right now? Just got back from Embro (Edinburgh for those of you who don't say it the same as I do!) was on the MPH Final Push march - got a lift from my horrible cousins and was kinda obliged to spend the day with them - sorry engelsteorra  and bob_bobbing, I never got a chance to meet up with you guys (and anyone else who was there!)  My cousins are lame - every five minutes they wanted to stop. Found a Costa with internet access though so having an 'urgent email I have to send' meant I avoided actually making conversation with my extended family. (what do you mean I was reading my Flist? Was I? *g*)

Anyways, just got home and switched on the TV to see Snoop Dogg on Primetime BBC1 swearing like a trooper. Oh how funny was that! Primetime Saturday evening. All those poor deluded plebs tuning in to watch the lottery results getting faced with that...


ETA okay - is it a competition now? Razorlight I can accept swearing (and by the way, how much higher in my estimation did they just jump?!) But Madonna? Just felt like she was going for the headlines there - and hey, I think that photo of her holding hands with the survivor of the Ethiopian famine will pretty much give her the front page of most of the papers tomorrow anyway.

second Edit Gary. Sweetheart. Cut your hair! (Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol (my boys!) is growing his hair, baaaad idea!)