July 4th, 2005

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iconic frenzy yesterday (made up for the hangover kinda...)



Not much of an update I know, too tired and annoyed with work to do one...

eta instead of making a new post so soon after this one, I'm just going to edit this and ramble on a little. My GP surgery is kind of a training ground for recently qualified doctors, they stay a year there and then move on to wherever it is they're going. Because I don't mind who I see when I need to go (so long as it's not Fegan - long story involving a neck brace which was too big and caused more problems than it solved) I usually see those trainee people. Two weeks ago I saw a nice man who actually listened to what I said and encouraged me to get blood tests to try to find out why I'm headachey every single morning when I wake up, and to check my blood sugar levels since hey - pretty much going to be a lifelong thing now.

Got the bloods done last Monday and went to make an appointment to discuss the results. The nice man's rotation was over so I made an appointment with the new woman. Dr Gardner. Saw her on Friday, so not impressed. She told me my bloodsugar is perfectly normal (yay!) and that every other test came back fine as well - although my actual blood cells are a little on the small side so I need to make sure my iron intake stays at it's current level. Not one word about why I'm having headaches every day and when I pressed the point she told me to take painkillers and if it went away there was nothing to worry about.

And she actually said "Mmmmkay?" all the freaking time. Never thought anyone actually said that. I was wrong. She was so irritating that I didn't say half of what I wanted to say, didn't get any answers to what I wanted answers to and left the surgery with an even worse headache because she pissed me off so much.

So now I have two doctors on my list of "anyone but..." for that surgery. At least she's only there for a year.
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life begins - me

Plagiarists strike again.

The three of us agree, there was a case of blatant plagiarism on INAP. The offending story has been deleted and the author has now been warned.

So again the question arises - what's the point of plagiarizing fanfic? No one's making any money from it, no one's getting a qualification from it, yes there are awards sites but are you really going to steal someone else's work just on the chance you win a banner?

I just don't get it.

Just in case anyone happens to stumble over this who might think about posting a plagiarized story on INAP - be aware I run a zero tolerance campaign on it. As soon as it's confirmed the story will be deleted, no warning. And I'll be watching the author like a hawk in the future. I know none of you would even think about doing it, I know you're as disgusted and irritated with the whole concept as I am, this is really just a public post for anyone not on my flist who might find me.

Plagiarize on INAP and your head'll spin at how quickly it's dealt with.
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