July 5th, 2005

life begins - me

Oddest day ever.

I kinda told myself I was goiong to stop doing these early morning posts but something so odd just happened that I have to share. The library is having work done on the front door so it's blocked off right now (they're putting in a new swipe card system, apparently I'm on the focus group analysing the impact this is having on the users. News to me!) but in addition to that there's also work going on in another part of the library which has lead to the back door also being closed off (staff entrance). So everyone and their dogs are coming in and out through a fire escape door round the side of the building right now. I got here this morning, parked up, still half asleep to be honest, walked up to the side door, there was a guy keeping pace with me but he dropped back to let me in first, then he called out after me "Is there somewhere I can leave the papers?"

I turn round, he's the taxi driver who brings the papers up from the shop we get them from, I say "I can take them." he gives them to me, says thanks and walks away. I turn into the library and then realize I'd heard that voice before.

It was my uncle. My mum's sister's husband. I didn't recognise him until his voice registered in the depths of my brain.


Apparently his daughter's daughter has just had a son - does that make me a great aunt or a second cousin? - I think she's 16, might be 17 by now. *sigh* So now I'm invited to a family get-together after getting a few pointed 'we haven't heard from you for a while now, how are you?' comments.

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life begins - me


Fucking SFX!!!!

I just read a spoiler for Serenity in the latest issue of SFX which said it wasn't spoilery.

Fuck it!

No details, but how annoyed am I right now?

eta they aren't too spoilery, but it was definitely more than I wanted to know.

Fuck it again!

And no engelsteorra I'm not telling you! *g*
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life begins - me

Last post of the day

Off to Edinburgh tomorrow - driving in. That'll be fun! (it will be actually, it's just finding someplace safe to park that could be a problem!) I know I've told some of you but I got tickets for the Live8 Final Push concert which'll be at Murrayfield tomorrow. Should be hella fun!

I owe some of you emails and replies and the like - I will get to them, just might not be until Thursday at this rate. (And oh why did I not take Thursday off work? Why?! I may phone in from Edinburgh and ask for it...) Right now I'm off to walk my dog (no that's not a euphamism, I really am taking Dram for a walk) and then grab some sleep before an early morning in the morning.

emeraldswan - are you still going to be around on Thursday to chat and/or do that scene on ITD?
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