July 9th, 2005

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Weird ass day. Got a call from the garage yesterday to say my car was fixed and ready for pick up. I said I'd be there by 9 in the morning (meaning this morning) they said fine. I got there at just after 8.30 and could not wait to get my car back. No big dent or scratch in the side, worrying smell of rubbing alcohol on the inside. Apparently they cleaned the inside. From the smell they cleaned it with pure ethanol.

They so clearly weren't ready for me to pick up the car at that point - it was still parked round the back of the garage, there was only two members of staff working (They did open at 8 - I checked) and my car was mockit. I actually don't know if that's how to spell that word, since it's one I've only ever said in my life, not written down, but mockit is a (primarily West Coast) Scots word for something really dirty.

The guy said if I could wait five minutes he could get it cleaned for me, but I told him not to bother. It's just dirt from the road really, mostly because I've not washed it myself since the accident on Valentine's Day because I was worried about rust with the huge scratches on the side. Anyways, turns out they had to replace the whole wing - not too much of a surprise with the amount of damage there was, but it means that the whole passenger side of my car is gleaming like new while the rest of it is mockit. *g*

Anyways, got the car, managed to not flinch at paying the excess on my insurance, handed back the courtesy car (incidentally telling the guy he'd just put me off buying a Nissan for life because of it, he smiled and said "We're a Ford garage, I don't know why we have Nissan courtesy cars."  At this point I'm thinking they have Nissans to ensure that when the customer is looking for a new car they'll remember how crap they are and probably come back to Ford. Must admit, I prefer Fords. The gearstick, the steering wheel, everything about it suits me better - I loved off-roading before I could drive 'officially' (I grew up surrounded by farmland, I could drive a tractor from the time I could reach the pedals) and Fords make me feel like I'm actually in control of the car. Nissans? Not so much - feels more like a toy car.)

Driving home I realised that I was actually pretty much passing the supermarket so I stopped in and did my weekly grocery shop and was then home by ten am. So of course by 11 I get a phone call from my sister asking if I wanted to go shopping with her. Meaning grocery shopping. I asked her if we could swing by a carpet shop and she hemmed and hawed a little before agreeing. Don't get excited though, I still don't have a carpet.

For those of you who haven't been following the carpet saga - let me summarize. I dropped a full tin of paint on my hall floor in March. I have lino tiles there, but honestly the floor underneath is a little uneven and I was going to replace them soon anyway. Dropping the paint all over it only finalised it. Anyway, not long after that my sister had a car crash and wrote off her car (incidentally, the car she wrote off? An older model Nissan Micra) and when she got her new car she got an MPV and told me that since she pretty much had a van now, she'd come carpet shopping with me and we'd not have to pay for delivery. Except for one thing, week after week after week she let me down. We'd make firm plans and then she'd cancel at the very last minute.

So anyways, went to the carpet shop, found a carpet I actually quite like which didn't seem all that expensive to me - unfortunately I so don't have a mathematical brain (I have to really think about what 2+2= !) Working out square meters? No clue. My hall is L shaped, the long side of the L is 13 foot by 4 foot. The short side is 9 foot by 4 foot. If someone can work out the square footage from that I'd be grateful! I don't care if there's a seam in the carpet so I was thinking as long as I can get one 13 foot long then I can get it 8 foot wide and just cut it up the middle. Only thing is, in the shop my sister was zero help in working it out (she does have a mathematical brain, she also has a Tech Drawing Higher) and she convinced me to not buy the carpet there, but instead to go to a hardware shop because they'd have carpeting. I know they sell laminate flooring and lino tiles (it's where I got the tiles that are now covered in paint) so I took her word for it. Guess what? They don't have carpeting. They do have carpet tiles though, and when I worked it out they seemed very expensive (there was a handy 'if your room is this long by this wide, you'll need this many tiles' converter chart thing).

Anyways, decided not to buy carpet tiles (although my sister was very keen for me to buy them - wonder if she's working on comission?) and went to her house to unloadher shopping. My nephew had been eating sweets in the car on the way home and was slightly hyper, he was running around with a toy fishing pole and telling me I couldn't leave yet. Finally I told them I had something arranged for four o'clock and had to leave. At which point my almost-three year old nephew and just-over-one year old niece decide to tag team me in flying rugby tackles which had me pinned to the ground for a good fifteen minutes. During this my sister is just sitting on her couch laughing, fair enough I could have stood up at any time but if I had they'd have hit the ground hard and we'd be driving them to casualty. Around about the time Nephew drove his shoulder into my larynx I finally managed to get the message across to her that this was not a game on my part. Finally managed to get away from them and couldn't help the feeling that my sister was extremely pissed off that I hadn't listened to her latest staffing problem at work. Hell, I'm still on a high from the concert on Wednesday, does she think I give a damn that the latest Nedette employee of her nursery is taking time off because she's having boyfriend trouble?

Anyway, absolutely glorious day today, possibly the hottest day of the year in Scotland, and what am I making for dinner? Oh yes, Chili. *g*

Weird day!
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