July 10th, 2005

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Outcome of plagiarism case

Neither author on INAP has gotten back to me about the plagiarism case with how they want to proceed so I'm going to announce the names and fics.

The original author is: Siege (C.J. Whitaker) who published Complex Inversion to INAP on 4th November 2004.

The plagiarising author is Reikson who published Zeppo's Ascension to INAP on 4th July 2005.

They do start differently, Complex Inversion has a whole 'Charmed' sub-plot which is ignored in Zeppo's Ascension but the remainder of the stories are pretty much identical to the point of appearing to be copy/paste jobs.
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Quiet little rant...

Got an email this morning with some suggestions for INAP, things like restructuring the categories (something I was half considering myself since at the moment there's a definite bias towards 'ship fics, and not much room for anything else) and reworking the search engine to exclude fics with certain warnings and/or in certain categories. Good suggestions both, so why did the person making the suggestion have to end it with wanting to know if there was a way they could search to exclude: "For example, all those icky slash fics."

Jeez. I know there's a lot of anti-slash feeling in the het Xander-fic community, everyone knows this, but do these guys not realise how frelling childish comments like that make them seem? You don't like slash? Fine, don't read it. On INAP I even have slash listed as a warning for crying out loud! The only way you can accidentally stumble over a slash fic there is if you ignore the warnings and/or pairing or if the story is mis-labelled in the first place.

I lurk on a huge number of Xander-centric mailing lists (well over 100) and I've never seen this kind of thing replicated on the other side of the apparently yawning fic divide. Slash writers don't get irate or physically sick at the thought of Xander in het pairings, yes there may be some consternation about the specific person, but never about the gender of that person. Unless I'm missing something.

So why do the militantly het writers get so (pardon the pun) het up about it?

Me? I will pretty much read anything, there's no pairing I've ever not read simply because of the pairing. If a story is well-written that's all I care about - hell I even read a damn good Xander/Connor fic the other week even though I kinda hate Mullet Boy. My ship of choice is Xander/Faith - go on, pretend like you're shocked at that! - but there's plenty of piss-poor fics in that pairing so it's not all I read by a long shot. In BtVS/AtS fic I tend to write het or gen fics, but I have dabbled in m/m slash there. In other fandoms I've written femslash as well as het and gen.

Sorry - wandered off the point there. What I was trying to say was that I will give anything a chance, it's the quality of writing that I care about, not the pairing.

So I've made a poll, what changes - if any - should there be in the categories at INAP. The existing categories are right here, with sub-categories here

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