July 12th, 2005

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If you've not voted or commented on the INAP changes poll, you can do so here Since I'm also currently running a contest for a new banner/design for the site, it makes sense to have all the changes take place in one go so it will be the end of this month at least before anything happens. (*note to self, get laptop networked and take a week off work to do this - that way you can sit out in the garden in the sunshine with beer...*g*)

Anyways, this isn't much of a post really since nothing majorly has happened, except I went on an icon kick at the weekend, got all but two of the themed icons complete for icons100 Xander challenge, I want to have them all done before I post though, and I still have most of the River ones to do. And I've started writing again. I don't want to jinx it at all, but the character I was having real trouble with suddenly started speaking to me again and I think I've got a handle on her again. Speaking of... voting is open in the Sunnydale Memorial Awards - go, vote!! If you feel so inclined, vote for me! Actually, I'm up against so many great writers that I haven't a hope in hell, what I am really blown away with is the 'original character' nomination I got for Eilidh in What a Difference a Day Makes. Kinda unique in the category since I'm not shipping her with either of my main characters in the story (or am I? *g*) whilst most of the other stories in that category have the OC as part of the main ship.

So anyways, voting closes over there on the 26th July. Go, vote! Make dragonydreams day!

While I'm in a pimping mood - iconers? Go join dawn_stillness! Voting is tied this round, so go help emeraldswan out and break the tie!

It hit 30 degrees centigrade in Scotland yesterday, I'm aware that's not all that warm for some of you but we're not used to anything much above the mid-20s. Twas very warm. And Monkey's shown up for work today with man-flu. Actually, he does look pretty bad but he also looks suspicially sun-tanned, one might think he spent his sick day in the garden yesterday... if one were of a suspicious mind that is... *g*

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life begins - me


In my family I'm the computer expert, there's not much software-wise I can't get my head round after a few minutes of study (so long as it's not database related). Hardware on the other hand? Complete mystery to me.

Anyway, my sister usually phones me before she phones her IT department to fix whatever the latest problem on any of the PCs in her work is. She works in a private nursery for kids 6 months old through to school-age. She had a problem with one of the computers they have there, a computer the kids used. It had some software on it that I'd gotten for her which the head office hadn't actually approved so she wanted me to take a look first of all (graphics design stuff, not illegal or in any way dodgy, just not approved by head office.) Anyway, she asked me to look at it, which I did, and couldn't fix. It was a hardware problem with the CDRom driver. I knew what the problem was but I couldn't fix it. Sister knew someone whose husband rebuilt PCs as a hobby, I suggested maybe he could take a look at it and replace the CDRom.

That was about a year ago.

I got a phone call tonight asking if I'd mind doing some graphics work for the nursery (I used to do it for her a lot when I was at Uni). She wants some tickets and flyers for a fun day they're having in August. Not a problem. She lets slip that she's having problems with that computer I looked at a year ago. I tease the information out of her.

The fucker who looked at it after I did, the guy who knew about hardware and was going to replace the CDRom, used the nursery computer - a computer which up until that point was used by pre-school kids - to visit porn sites. And not only did the fucker not wipe the temp internet files, but he bookmarked the fucking sites. He created shortcuts on the fucking desktop. He's managed to get a fucking virus on the harddrive.


Since he didn't fix the CDRom, that PC has been in the office (and not networked or online) since he returned it so the kids couldn't accidentally open any files they shouldn't have. But what kind of fucker does that? To a computer he knows kids have access to?!

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