July 13th, 2005

life begins - me

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News about Prime sucks.

Rest of the news? Has me literally bouncing around the room unable to sit down for longer than a few minutes at a time.



World premiere of the completed film. Next month. An hour's drive from where I'm (not) sitting right now.

If I don't get tickets for this I'm going to kill someone. (And I'm only half joking)
life begins - me


I forgot about it until I got to work this morning, but I was supposed to be doing some training with the Graduate Trainee this afternoon. The plan was that she spend some time with my boss who would tell her the high-level stuff and then I'd talk to her about the day-to-day running. Not a problem, well - apart from the usual terror I get whenever I have to physically talk to someone, so the GT trundles over (she walks funny, leans forward as if she's got a dowager's hump) at 2 and my boss starts her spiel. She's still talking. It's 3. Both of them are going for break in ten minutes, I go for mine when they get back. And I'm leaving at 4. So that gives me ten minutes with the GT.

My boss has just realized this and has asked if I mind doing it tomorrow instead. Not a problem, apart from me being on a half-day tomorrow... *g*

(still bouncy about the Serenity Premiere! Edinburgh?!!! An hour away at most!! Yay!)
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