July 14th, 2005

life begins - me


okay, last week's fun is finally catching up with me now. I am so tired it's not even funny. I have a half-day today, was planning on getting the last of the Xander icons for icons100 finished and a good many of the River ones as well. I think I may be sleeping instead. At least it's the Glasgow Fair this weekend, and for once the library is actually closing for the whole weekend so as of 12.30 today I have a four and a half day weekend. Yay!

I kinda did a silly thing last night, in a way, I signed up for another icon challenge contest. whedon100 - similar to icons100 but this is purely for Whedon-verse shows. Right now I'm doing Xander in Season 3 icons, 100 of them. Once they're done though I may sign up for more (while I've been working on the others I've been thinking more and more about Anya icons - not my favourite character by a long shot (and Emma Caulfield didn't exactly come across all that well at the Fusion convention last year either) but there is something about her that should make for some good icons.

Of course on top of that I also still have all my fic WIPs and sites as well. I need more time. Or possibly someone willing to pay me my way while I concentrate on all the stuff I enjoy doing. Then I could wave goodbye to the library and to e-journals forever... Me? Pride? None whatsoever. *g*

JMonnique, webmistress of NickBrendon.com, has clarified the position a little with regards the Prime/Collectromania issue. You can see it in the comments to my post yesterday or by clicking here Still sucks, and I still think Starfury are on shaky legal ground by promoting the conventions the way they currently do (saying someone is confirmed before they actually are could be seen as mis-representation of the end product) but I'm getting over the disappointment a little now. Nick is a really funny guy to talk to, really goes out of his way to put people at ease. I know I will get the chance to meet him again at some point. It's just not going to be this year. (And the bonus? At least now I won't be meeting him while my hair is still in such a mess.)

Anyways, I should be working out what I'm going to do with the GT's training today. My boss spent the best part of two hours with her yesterday and I'm not 100% sure what she covered and what she didn't. Plus, I really hate talking to people like this - as in, not a conversation but me just talking and having her sit there looking at me. I get really nervous and start speeding up which means I'm more likely to stammer and when I do I get all flustered about it which only makes it worse. Thankfully I've been feeling pretty good this week meaning that I'm more likely to be relaxed. I know this stuff, it's what I do on a daily basis, it's just talking about it that's freaking me out a little/lot.

Damn! Just realized, engelsteorra - I burned that programme to disk for you and left it on my desk at home. I'm sorry! I'll try to upload it to YSI when I get home so you can download it if you want?
life begins - me

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Re-watching Doctor Who

Someone tell me it would be a really bad idea to write a crossover fic? Please?

Watching 'Unquiet Dead' right now, thinking how well the time frame would fit into a certain crazy chick being turned in the Buffy-verse history, and how weird it could be if said crazy chick had a twin sister she never knew about.

Stop me please?