July 19th, 2005

life begins - me

My national bard once wrote...

... the best laid plans of mice and men, gang aft agley.

Too damn true. One, woke up this morning to find a reminder that I hadn't posted the winners for last week's zeppo_stillness challenge so I had to get right on that. Plus I had to post the new challenge as well, my brain just was not for working this weekend!

Two, I got caught up reading fic before work this morning (naol's new fic "Getting Hooked" - really cute (and buyable) post-Chosen B/X) and ended up not actually getting dressed until the time I'm normally leaving the house.

Three, since I was running late anyway I decided that when I got in to the office I wouldn't start work straight away (ah the joys of flexi-time) but would instead get caught up on the various writing projects I have underway. So I get in, after the four day weekend I just had, log in to the computer only to discover that they've worked on the staff server over the weekend and I can't access my profile or my network space. Guess where all my WIPs are? It'll be 9 before the IT department get in and flick the switch so we can access our profiles so I'm now sitting here with countless ideas for fics and nowhere to write them, if I save anything to the space I'm logged into then I doubt I'll ever see them again after this morning.


So that's pretty much an hour wasted this morning just waiting to access my network space. I suppose I could maybe start work, but dammit I'd already decided not to before I got here!

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Second Edit Grrr. Our IT department asked us a while back if we were reporting a problem in our department to only have one person contact them about it. Fine, no problem, so knowing others had contacted them about the lack of profile access this morning I didn't do anything. Everyone's sorted now, except me. Because apparently each of us had to contact them indivudally to do it. Wish they'd make up their minds!
life begins - me

My head's gonna explode...

I'm not a lawyer, I'm not a law student, I have no interest in legalese. Today I've been mostly collecting legal information for online journal access. License information, authorised users rights and obligations, and the like. All of written in legal jargon.

My head is going to explode.

Some of them are damn funny though - "no part of the content of this site may be used for illegal, immoral, or anti-social purposes." Immoral by whose definition I wonder...


had a fun blood sugar crash earlier, forgot to eat breakfast and it was only about 11 this morning that I realized I hadn't actually eaten anything since yesterday lunchtime. Fun times! Head went woozy and my concentration just went out the window, managed to find a digestive biscuit which was... shall we say, on the 'old' side? so I managed to get through till lunch, but boy that was fun! (*note to self* eat.)
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