July 20th, 2005

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Stop. Freaking. Shouting!

Woman on the other side of the room is on the phone to the newsagents because we haven't got the newspapers yet. She's shouting down the phone at them. She's not shouting in an angry way either, she's just talking very very loudly...


As I've been typing they've just decided to run a fire alarm test.

Don't these people realise I have a headache?!!

This is so not going to be a good day today, I can just tell.

Bright spot? acrazywench rocks my socks! Got home last night and, after the usual "Everytime I go through your gate I expect a Ghurka to come rushing out of the jungle" conversation with my neighbour, he hands me a package the postman delivered. (My postie is a sweetie, if my car's not in the drive he doesn't even try to deliver to me - he just takes it straight over to my neighbours so I rarely miss a package.) Said package was from acrazywench and after a moment's frowning wondering what she was sending me, I remembered what it could be and somehow refrained from bouncing across the street. Made my excuses to my neighbour, pretty much ran into the house, tearing packaging as I was going, and lo and behold, there they were. CDs. Kane, live in London. Yay!

{{hugs Becky}}

Thank you sweetie!!
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life begins - me

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The trailer rocks!

Finally got to see it with sound  - long story, involving traffic jams and phone calls, not important - man this rocks!

33 days and counting.


Screencaps!!! - undoctored, 935 screencaps. I will go through them and weed out the crap ones, I just wanted to get them loaded quickly!