July 22nd, 2005

life begins - me

Flist spam

bored. bored. bored. bored. so bored right now...

Took flexi time last night so I should really stay till 5 tonight but it's a glorious day out there and I don't want to be here. (Do I ever?) I'm in an odd mood today, people are annoying me a lot now so I'm keeping out of people's way as much as possible. So why do they insist on talking to me and distracting me all the time? Grrr. I have headphones on for a reason you know.

I should do something productive with my time shouldn't I? I think I need someone to stand over me and tell me to stop slacking off. Effects... needs redesigned, the site I'm setting up for a band needs some content on there desperately, my fics need to be written, the icons need to be finished, ever get the feeling I have too many things on the go at once and that's part of the reason nothing seems to get done?

and since I'm so bored...

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life begins - me

Question for you

For everyone, but especially the Americans amongst you. First, do they still release new editions of Trivial Pursuit?

Second, is there some other culture/pop culture reference that has the same kind of relevance as being a Trivial Pursuit question? Like a specific game show, or a universally known reference book?

Odd questions I know, but there is a purpose.

ETA echoing hjcallipygian's rec. The Miraculous Love Life of Pigwidgeon, a Very Small Bird with a Very Large Heart of Gold by bellatemple. Go. Read. Review!