August 5th, 2005

life begins - me

yeah, I need sleep...

When someone randomly walks past me while I'm reading something that's actually pretty funny and says "Are you okay? You look a little down." I think it's time for sleep.

Shame I've got six and a half hours of sitting in the office pretending to work yet...

Why oh why don't I have anything to do? This morning I have three sheets of paper in my in tray. It'll take me five minutes to get through them (if that). And then I have nothing. Nada. Rien. Kein Arbeit.


I need to convince work to get me on the license agreement for Photoshop here, that way I could do *something* when I'm this bored..

</random post>

ETA Looking for the INAP poll? Here you go!

second edit okay... being bored and sleepy at the same time is not a good mix in the office... I printed out a license agreement and am sitting with it in front of me pretending to read it (it's legalese, it's a free online journal, I don't care enough about it to actually take any of it in) and I was fidgeting with my pen. Put my hand up to my forehead with the pen still in hand and somehow the pen got behind the lens of my specs and I poked myself in the eye with a pen whilst wearing glasses. Kind of a neat trick if it hadn't hurt...
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life begins - me

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really don't wanna play anymore.

wanna go home and sleep.

Only another hour and a bit to go and then the same again in Friday night traffic. With a fun headache to just make my drive home along the M8 the funnest.


On a much, much lighter note - fic recs!

Birthday Girl - naol's fic pressie for lwbush, post-Chosen with a really sweet B/X set up. Go read it!

Another Dream Dies - emeraldswan's Lost/BtVS crossover ficlet - again, Go read it!

Kay, there's more but teabreak's over, I'll edit with the rest when I get home.

ETA Am home, am going to sleep. Will post more recs tomorrow.