August 9th, 2005

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Fic/Writing question and random

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Onto the crux of the post:

So there are some characters I really shouldn't try to write, I can't get into their heads at all. I recently discovered this, and it did throw me a little - expecially since I 'get' them, their motivations, even the odd things they often did in canon - but I've decided that maybe that's not a bad thing. I know I can write other characters so why should I worry about the ones I can't?

Because I aspire to be a well-rounded writer, that's why.

Dammit. Okay so it's bugging me more than I realized when I started typing this and I now want to know if you guys have any characters you really can't get into writing and what you do about that. Especially if it's a central canon character in whatever fandom.

I don't mean characters you don't like, personally I hate Shada Dukall in the Star Wars extended universe books but I still write her (and being modest here, I think I manage to capture her okay). I mean the characters who just won't cooperate no matter how much you threaten, cajole, bribe, beg them.
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