August 15th, 2005

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Really didn't want to get up this morning and now I see why. Another bloody plagiarism drama has hit Xander fic.

Same guy as before, y'know the notorious BX one, it's hit the lists already and I honestly don't know what to do about it. After he 'came out' and admitted what he'd done, apologized and started posting under his new name (apparently his real name) I let him post to INAP but did so on the condition that I was watching him closely. As soon as he did so I was contacted by someone who told me they knew he was posting again and that they had evidence that in one of his new stories he'd plagiarised. I asked what that evidence was and apparently what this person had done was google every single sentence and come up with one hit. On a porn site. Given the kind of things this guy writes that wasn't really all that surprising (in fact that the person reporting it to me only got one hit of that kind was the real surpiirse to me).

Now something similar is hitting the lists, again with the same kind of thing. The person reporting the plagiarism has googled some phrases from the stories and found some hits on an erotic stories newsgroup. Phrases. Not sentences.

I honestly don't know what to do about this. I will not have plagiarism on any of my sites, it should be as simple as that. But is this plagiarism? Especially given the nature of what he writes?

All thoughts and advice appreciated!
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Thanks guys

Thanks to jetpack_monkey rachelmap and invisionary - you guys have confirmed my suspicions about the purported plagiarism. For the moment I'm not going to treat it as plagiarism, it looks as though maybe he's read the original stories and the particular turns of phrase have stuck in his head so that he's ended up using them in his own stories.

I'm going to keep an eye on the whole thing though, and as with any other author if the charges do become more severe I'll be pulling the stories straight away.


Oh - knew there was something else I was going to say. There are very few entries for this week's zeppo_stillness, I know there was a problem with the screening comments thing, but still... any iconers on my flist? Go on, join up and enter - you know you want to!
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*resists urge to beat Faith with a big stick* (mostly because she could break me in half without raising a sweat, and also because of the fact that she's a fictional character...)

So yeah, Off Course pilot part 2 is not coming as fast as I wanted it to. 'Scuse me a minute.

"Faith! Put that boy down! This fic is rated 12 at the moment, I don't want to have to go back and edit it!"


Hopefully it (and the third part) will be done soon, but if Faith has her way it could get messy!

"What did I say young lady? Leave. Him. Alone. There's a giant monster on the island that just tore apart the pilot and you're more interested in extra-curricular activities? Talk about a one-track mind?! You'll end up with a reputation if you carry on like this! Oh, wait. Too late for that..."