August 16th, 2005

life begins - me


Headache, feel like crap, it's raining, feeling down. Wanted a half day but we have a meeting this afternoon so I guess that's not gonna happen.


I live in a country village surrounded by farms. It's a coastal village on the West Coast of Scotland, there's all sorts of interesting geological and geographical things going on around the village but the most important part of that means that the roads leading out of the village are hilly and twisty beyond belief. It's a 60mph limit road but because of the type of road it is most people take it at an average speed of somewhere between 40 and 50 mph. So why is it this morning I got stuck behind an arsehole who slowed down to 15 mph on every corner and then accelarated to 60mph on every straight piece of road so I (and the six cars behind me) couldn't overtake? Get a fricking clue! Driving that is irresponsible and causes accidents because the person behind you gets so pissed off they end up doing something stupid. Oh, and you know what else causes accidents? Slowing from 60 to 20 without using your fricking brakes! They're not just there to slow you down you know! When you press that little pedal there's these bright glowy lights that magically switch on at the back of your car. They're not just there to make pretty patterns though, they're there to let the person behind you get an inkling of what you're doing before they ram into you!!

Gah! (and yes his brake lights were working, a hare ran out in front of him and he slammed on the brakes at one point)

The cleaner has just started hoovering in the office now, despite the fact that most of us are already in and working. Or updating journals. Wouldn't it have been a plan to maybe get that out of the way before we showed up since she was in here two hours before any of us started? Oh, and while she's at it maybe she could actually clean the toilets when she's supposed to instead of making sure the damn towel is hanging perfectly straight?!

Okay, my head really hurts now, she's hoovering and my mp3 player batteries just ran out. Screw it, I'm asking for a half day.
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