August 18th, 2005

faith//million lies - me

icons again and randomness

Got away with posting late to 25of__ yesterday - phew! Completely missed the part in the rules that said I should have posted the first batch within a week of making the claim. Gah! And I've just done the exact same thing for whedon100 as well - missed the first batch post. I've contacted the mods there to ask if I can still post the icons so we'll see. I've got them planned out anyway so I'll still get them posted here or at ms_graphics anyway - it'd just be cool to have them on the community I signed up for in the first place...

So, you wanna see the Faith ones? I'm really pleased with most of them - there's a couple I'm not so happy with but that's because the caps I was working with weren't the best quality and I was too lazy to get more...

Anyways - teasers

Want. Take. Have

'Kay, there's people talking about building a big boat right now, it hasn't stopped raining for around ten hours. I have a swimming pool in my garden where there was no swimming pool before... I've taken the whole of next week off and was planning on hitting the EIFF with a vengeance but if it's going to rain all the time I might be stuck at home. With my garden which is desperate need of a flamethrower to put it right. Which if it's raining I won't be able to do anything about.


Plus, the Freshers' Fair's coming up soon and I've not done any graphics work for it at all - and we have a meeting tomorrow which the organizer has arranged for 11am saying that she made it that time because she knew everyone was free. She knows engelsteorra only works in the afternoons...

I'm actually in a pretty good mood today, although I know that *points at last couple of things I said* doesn't sound it!

ETA Girl at work's just told me about a web content editor's job that was in last week's paper. Just had a quick look - it's definitely something I could do (pretty much with my eyes shut) so cool!
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