August 19th, 2005

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Serenity premiere plans

Before I forget, because my brain is a sieve after all, I thought I'd post here 'cause most of the folks I'm meeting up with to stalk the stars go to the premiere with either read this or know someone who does so...

Premiere starts at 9 in Edinburgh, some of the Glasgow peeps are working until 5 and since there's going to be seven weegies (or is it weegees?) heading over it makes sense if we do it all at once. (And since UIP completely disregarded the train times or anything when they made the plans for the screening, we're going to have to do the driving thing!) So the plan at the moment is that I meet engelsteorra at the library when she finishes work, we head down to the underground station (Hillhead Underground) and meet smileawhile, acrazywench and Glasgow Becks and Cath there (and possibly engelsteorra's brother?) and go get something to eat. Then we all pile into two cars - mine and engelsteorra's - and hope we've missed most of the rush hour traffic. engelsteorra might end up with me tailgating her the whole way to Edinburgh since she knows the road and I don't really...

We get to Edinburgh, hopefully around 7.30ish and meet rileysaplank, willowmina and the infamous Ben.

Does that sound like a plan to everyone?

Oh and smileawhile and engelsteorra - you do know the Tuesday Reel Life thing starts at 5pm, don't you?

Other randomness - Wonderfalls is currently rocking my socks! I got the dvds on Monday and watched four episodes back to back last night. Only three to go before it's all over... Why, oh why was this show ever cancelled?! And I got the okay to post late to whedon100 so I might be in an iconing frenzy tonight... of course the fact that I should really be cleaning my house since acrazywench'll be looking for a place to stay at least one of the nights is completely incidental. Becks, you like spiders, right? *g*
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