August 23rd, 2005

life begins - me

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I didn't get in until after 2.30 this morning, so why did my body decide it needed to be awake at 7am?!! Gah! I've been trying to get back to sleep for over two hours now. I gave up.

The film was incredible, the premiere was a lot of fun, Sean Maher is just adorable. I may be tempted to give up my claim on Nathan over him... Gina Torres is stunning. Joss is an evil genius. Adam hurt my hand, but he's even cooler than I thought he'd be!

The others who were there were equally as amazing but since I've gone on about them all repeatedly in the past I won't say anything more except for this - every time I see Summer Glau I just want to hug her and tell her the world isn't really the big bad scary place she thinks it is.

Oh, and you've not lived until you've seen Nathan Fillion do the patented Dance Of Joy.

life begins - me

Reel Life: Joss Whedon

Sleepy. Must eat before going to sleep. Joss is amazing - I could listen to him talk all day.

My arms hurt from holding them aloft and still not managing to get my question asked. Bastard. (not Joss, the EIFF director)

Have I mentioned I'm sleepy?

Joss. Wow, I really could listen to him talk for hours and never get bored, even when I don't necessarily agree with what he's saying he's so passionate about it that I want to hear it.

One niggle, choosing to end the whole thing with the end of OMWF and ultimately the Spuffy kiss? Bad plan. Really, really, really, really bad plan. (Not Joss' idea I don't think)

Piece of writing advice from the man himself: Give a shit about it, and if you don't - don't write it.