August 30th, 2005

life begins - me

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Kinda slept in a little this morning and again forgot to bring in the new jar of coffee for this place. Which means another two days of no caffeine first thing in the morning - how am I going to cope?!! (I'm not going home tonight since by the time I get back from Edinburgh it'll be way too late to drive home on a 'school night'.) I did intend to get the train this morning but... I remembered I'm going to a conference thing on Thursday and Friday and I'll be getting the train to that. Scotrail, or whatever they're called these days, are a lot of things but cheap enough to use four times in one week they aint. So I drove, and used my right arm quite a lot, and the pain is very much lessened now. So that's got to be a good thing, right?

I have nothing much to say right now - 'cept that even though I took a half day yesterday because of the pain and the nephew's birthday, I managed to catch up with a full week's worth of work and am now at the stage where I have nothing to do. Again. Joy.

Nephew loved his lightsaber by the way - I made the mistake of telling him I had one of my own (what? you're surprised at that?! (I have two actually - one which actually lights up and one which doesn't)) and we've now arranged a duel for this weekend. Heh!

Oh! And the cutest thing ever! 19 month old niece got to have a shot with the lightsaber and she was brandishing it all over the place and hissing. I've now corrupted not only my nephew but also my niece! The next generation of geeks is safe. Heh!

Right, off to go write... oops, sorry, that should read 'work' there. :)
life begins - me

476 words

four hundred and seventy six words.

That's all I've managed to write in the last two and a half hours.

Kinda in need of some inspiration I think. Or possibly chocolate.

In other news... ever wondered what the moon looked like reeeeeally close up? Zoom in as far as you can. Interesting stuff.
life begins - me

Insanely spoilery Serenity ficlet

Shared with some of you, but I realized I could make a custom friends group just for you guys! (Dontcha feel speshul?!)

ETA now that the movie has opened everywhere but Europe, I'm opening up the filter a little - there be huge spoilers herein. If you ain't seen the film, don't go any further...

I'm not kidding, I'd have hated to know about this before seeing the film....

Okay... you can't say you weren't warned!

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