August 31st, 2005

life begins - me

Getting too old for this...

There was a time I wouldn't think twice about staying out all night and going to work the next morning. There was a time I wouldn't even have blinked at the thought of walking up the verticality that is Great George Street. There was a time I wouldn't have cared that I spent the best part of two hours last night perched on the edge of a barrier that was only about four inches wide (if that).

That time is long past.

Was at T in the Fringe last night. Franz Ferdinand. Fantastic gig, had an absolute blast. Really didn't want to come into work this morning.

And yeah, by the time I got to the practically vertical hill leading up to the library I went out of my way to walk along less steep hills. Probably ended up walking an extra mile or so, but my thigh muscles are actually thanking me for that right now.

I'm going to try to stick it through an entire day of work (or more accurately, an entire day of sitting in the office scrabbling for something to do) but I have no coffee. And Starbucks, Costa, Tinderbox and all the other random coffee shops are all at the bottom of Great George Street. engelsteorra? When you come in this afternoon fancy bringing in a grande Americano with at least one extra shot?*g*
life begins - me

flagging fast

I don't like tattie scones. I know, shocking isn't it? Not only Scottish but born and brought up in by Glaswegians, and I really don't like tattie scones. (Potato Scones for those of you not from this small starch loving part of the world.)

The fact that right now I'm craving a 'roll and tattie scone' kinda tells me I need sleep. Well, I need some decent food and then sleep. Only five hours to go... and then of course an hour to get home and then at least an hour making a fuss of Dram since I kinda abandoned him to my sister's tender mercies last night... oh and then I have to remember to close the dawn_stillness challenge at 10 tonight...

Maybe tattie scones aren't that bad after all...
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