September 5th, 2005

life begins - me

Randomness abounds

1. I feel like crap. Nothing new there but I have to say the dry-heaving? Not fun. And Strepsils... bleugh!!

2. I'm back at work with *one* query to do all day.

3. Prats Lovely peeps in IT changed the log-in procedures for Outlook so I can't get into my email until they show up at 9.

4. My brain is doing it's sieve impersonation again - I forgot what I was going to say... Dammit!

5. Kay, I'm going to go space out at my desk for a while before I get hauled over the coals for the idiocy of last Thursday and Friday - at least since I both feel and look like crap today I have a slightly more sturdy defense.

6. Remembered what I was going to say. The Gigantic Alien Flying Freak Of Nature (aka the Daddy Long Legs that was in my hall last night) committed suicide by flying within range of the shower. I'm seriously phobic of the things and was seriously considering sleeping in the living room so I wouldn't have to spend the whole time wondering whether it had managed to get into my bedroom. It flew into the bathroom and was sitting right beneath the shower head. It was it's own fault that I turned the shower on at that point...
life begins - me

Buncha icons

some from contests, but the first three are kinda inspired by naol's fic Broken even though the Xander one was made a while back, that makes no sense but I'm sleepy so in my head it does... *g*

Want, take, have, credit - you know the deal.
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