September 8th, 2005

life begins - me

'Phonics rocked!

Much love for Kelly and the boys right now. Stereophonics rocked. Am now sleepy and hungry and craving a beer. My alarm is set to go off in four and a half hours so I think a beer would be a bad idea right now.

Must go sleep now. Will post more tomorrow.
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    Stereophonics - Devil (my ears are still ringing with it!)
life begins - me

Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy!

I feel like Tigger today. I'm actually in a bloody good mood for once which is surprising even to me! The gig was incredible last night - The 'Phonics lost their way a little a few years back (J.E.E.P. was a good album but You Gotta Go There To Come Back really wasn't...) Language. Sex. Violence. Other? did bring them back to a pretty good level (and introduced the eye candy-licious new drummer Javier Weyler who was brought in after Stuart Cable was... removed from the band a couple of years back) but it was still not up the standard of what I think was their best album - Word Gets Around.

Last night was fantastic. Songs like Brother and Pedal-Pusher which I have a tendancy to skip when I'm listening to L.S.V.O? are so much richer live. And they played a helluva lot of songs from Word Gets Around!

smileawhile was with me at the gig and we've both agreed we're going back to the next one - but she will have to get a hold of the other albums and learn the words! Last week we went to see Franz Ferdinand in Edinburgh and were at the back of the crowd, it was a lot of fun but a lot more genteel than I'm used to at gigs. I was beginning to think maybe I was getting too old to be in the mosh pit or at the barrier. Oh no. Last night we were right down the front - not quite at the barrier but pretty damn close - and I had an absolute blast! There were two little girls in front of me for a while and I think it was their first gig. They were resolutely not moving to let anyone through but on the other hand they weren't dancing, or really applauding or cheering or anything. They were kinda sweet at the start but after about ten minutes or so they were actually just annoying me so I kinda drifted away from them even though it meant I was behind Gigantor for a while - really tall guy who was using his mobile phone to video a lot of the gig. That kinda pisses me off to be honest - part of the fun of being at a gig is actually being there - the atmosphere, the crowd, the weird feeling of moving without concious effort - that's being lost a little when people stand stock still holding a tiny bit of plastic over their heads.

Still, all in, the gig was amazing! Will catch up on the flist and comments soon - promise!

ETA {{hugs Angie & Monkey at work}} - I copied some CDs for them and they've just given me a big bottle of tequila as a thank you! Awww!
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