September 13th, 2005

life begins - me


I knew I should've done that graphic last night... Thought all I had to do was take the picture of the library, desaturate it, put it on a white background, drop the opacity and throw a grid over it. And yeah, that is all I had to do except the grid wouldn't play along and now I have to add numbers to the grid... Maybe I should just print it out and use a marker pen...

engelsteorra? If I ever volunteer to do anything on Photoshop for the library again you have full permission to knock me senseless.

Still, getting away early tonight and tomorrow is the Freshers' Fair so this'll be my last full(ish) day of work till next Tuesday. Yay!

By the way - anyone feel like looking after a really sweet and lovable West Highland Terrier this weekend? Lookit the icon, isn't he adorable? *g*