September 14th, 2005

life begins - me


So things moved faster than I expected and the sites are all down because 1and1 cancelled on me - I have a haf day today so I will at least have place holders up this afternoon but apologies for the really short notice on INAP being down. And isn't it just as well I had a hunch and took another copy of the database last night!

All my graphics are down as well so apologies to anyone on zeppo_stillness, dawn_stillness and any other community I've entered things into - banners will go back up soon!

ETA well, they didn't cancel on me, I cancelled on them - they just led me to believe the process would take longer than it has... (all my emails are down by the way - if you've emailed me since last night can you re-send it to darth_rosenberg [at] Cheers!)
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life begins - me

I Love Customer Service!!!

I said this last year as well, but why am I sitting at a desk doing mind-numbing work all day when I really love face-to-face communication with strangers!

Freshers' Fair. Last year we were beside the GLAD stall, this year we were beside the Gideon's Bible stall.. *g*

I had so much fun!

I love doing this, so why don't I do it more?

Going home in an hour to try to get INAP up and running again.

"Hi, can I give you some information on the library? Would you like a banana? We're running a contest to win the inflatable alligator if you're interested?"

life begins - me


okay, I officially hate databases. INAP is back, but the database isn't...

It's on my desktop. More or less complete. I just haven't figured out how to load it onto the new host yet.

My eyes are burning....

So yeah - if you go to INAP at the moment there's a bunch of odd looking error messages at the top of the page. I'm going to go make a coffee and then try to figure it out...


ETA PHPMyAdmin can bite me. Keeps telling me I don't have permissions set up on the database. Um, I do. And just to check, I removed them and redid them. I *really* want to have this done by tonight! Gah!

Second edit - so I've just submitted my first tech support request to the new host because I'm doing nothing more than chasing my tail here. I told them my MySQL skills were rudimentary at best so hopefully they can walk me through it all step by step. Keep your fingers crossed everyone!
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