September 15th, 2005

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Le Sigh

So I got a response from tech support at the new hosts, and it was very helpful, but they told me to do exactly what I had been doing and it aint working. (At least it means I actually did stumble on the right thing to do in the first place!) They've given me another option - I load it to the server and they integrate it for me - but I'll do that tomorrow. Too sleepy right now.

Just back from the cinema where engelsteorra and I went to see Unleashed - ropey dialogue, not the best film ever made, but fun! Although it was pretty damn funny with the attempts to make two buildings which really couldn't be any more different look like the same place - building one and building two. Oh, and it doesn't rain all  the time in Glasgow... (and as engelsteorra pointed out, if you believe the film you'd think we all speak in London accents...) Still, was a pretty good film, worth the trip! (I just looked it up on IMDB to get the link for it and it's still listing under the working title of "Danny the Dog". Yeah...)

Now I have to go think about the fact I haven't even started packing for the weekend and try to actually get some sleep without worrying about the database... Yeah, like that's going to happen!
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INAP news and efiction techie question

The database is now connected **hugs tech support at DataFlame** and all the old stories are there and connecting - or at least the four or five I checked are!


Uploading isn't working right now - hence my techie question. Everything but the story text uploads in my tests, and since I just copied all the files over to the new server I didn't run through the standard efiction installation process. At the moment I have the stories set to store on the server rather than in the database but do I need to change the CHMOD on the stories folder? It's set to 755 right now but should it be set to something else? Edit Thanks to jgracio's advice the settings on the folder are now at 777 but it's still not uploading properly - any hints anyone?

I've posted the question to the efiction forum as well in case I'm making zero sense here...
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