September 23rd, 2005

life begins - me


"I'm just a helpless ickle girl mister mechanic, won't you please help me fix my car?"

I hate doing that. I probably know more about cars than most of the men I know but as soon as I go to a garage I get treated like an idiot. Sometimes it works out for the best, not to stereotype every mechanic out there, but wearing a low cut top and tight jeans can do wonders for the final bill.

Shame it feels so dirty.

Car's still not fixed, but at least I have it confirmed that the exhaust won't fall off unexpectedly in the middle of the M8. Now I just have to save up some money (or better still get back the money my sister owes me) to pay for a new exhaust, new brakes and new tyres. So Christmas is definitely out this year...

Randomly, I just looked out of my window there across to my neighbours' house (the one the alarm was going off at the other night) and I just spotted a Neighbourhood Watch sticker in their window. Huh. Didn't know we were a Neighbourhood Watch area. Ah well.

Anyways - thank you all for furthering my indesicion helping me decide on the future layout of this journal. Still don't know what I'm going to do although it'll probably be dark colours whatever the result! Just posted a few Lost ideas I was playing about with on ms_graphics over here. I hold my hands up and say yes, they kinda suck. Except for the last one which I kinda like. I was just really playing with ideas and colourings and abandoned them half-done. If you like the ideas behind 'em I can work on them some more and they're all yours. *g*

Now I'm tired, feels odd not to be rushing to get dressed to go out tonight. Maybe if I had a life...