October 3rd, 2005

life begins - me

Another week, another trauma

I have my 'catching up' meeting with my head of department today. These meetings were started when we had a temporary head of dept who was damn good at her job and recognised that I was hating being here and needed an outlet where I could bitch about things and between us we'd try to fix it. She left, she arranged for someone else to take up these meetings so I'd still have that outlet. I've had one meeting since then and that meeting resulted in me being hauled over the coals for missing a conference and getting told to pull my act together. Uh, yeah, maybe some of those things needed to be said but the point of the meetings wasn't to pull me up on a fortnightly basis.

So today, when he tells me whatever it is I've done wrong this time and then asks (with two minutes to go) whether there's anything I want to bring up I'm going to say yes. Absolutely there is.

Wow, I really am kinda ranty today aren't I? I should probably stop doing these early morning posts because I just get myself kinda worked up about it and it puts me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. The sooner I get out of this place the better.

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life begins - me

Serenity ficlet

Just after the premiere in Edinburgh I wrote a Serenity ficlet. I've never written in the Firefly 'verse before so the voices are a little screwy, but I thought I'd open up the filter to y'all since the film's now on general release.


Wanna read it?

And on work related things - I'm taking a half day today. Anyone'd think I didn't care about this place or something... *g*
life begins - me

quick favour to ask - and memes!

I have no confidence in myself right now so I'm hoping someone won't mind taking a look at something for me... It's the new layout for Effects of a Troubled Heart - it's not on the site yet, if you're interested in taking a look and telling me everyone's sick of that picture, *g*, email me please? shona[at]moments-lost.co.uk


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ETA What's that crappy 80s pseudo-dance thingy that has some castrated guy screeching out "I feel lo-o-o-ove, I feel lo-o-o-ove..."? 'Cause I'm currently hearing that at loud volume coming through my living room wall. My neighbour is so gay. </sarcasm> *headdesk* second edit - okay, now it's dance crap. Have I mentioned lately that I hate dance crap? So Dale, the higher you turn that volume up, the higher my TV volume will go up. And guess what? I got no problem with listening to DS9 at an insanely high volume... At least now I know what all the drilling and hammering that's been going on has been about - apparently there's a new nightclub through the wall from me... (I'm kidding, it's just my 40-something recently-single male neighbour trying to reclaim his youth by buying a stupid sized sound system for his house...)
life begins - me

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ETA I'm taking the friends lock off this post 'cause the discussion about Star Wars New Jedi Order jgracio and I got into in the comments is kinda interesting. To me anyway. :) end edit

Word to the wise, never watch Veronica Mars pilot epsiode when you're in a maudlin mood. It'll just play on all those little insecurities and emotions you thought were long buried...

I'm going to switch everything off now, grab a book (dammit, I'm at Star By Star in my re-read of the New Jedi Order, could it be more depressing?!) and curl up on the sofa for a while.

(I'm fine by the way - just on a downcurve right now. I'll be back to normal tomorrow, honest!)

Oh, and thank you emeraldswan - you know why.

ETA okay, so the book was depressing me (not only plot wise, but also the fact it reads like bad fanfiction) so I opened up Photoshop.

We're Slayers, girlfriend. The Chosen Two!
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