October 4th, 2005

life begins - me


So with Serenity figures not being stellar (respectable doesn't bode well for a sequel) I'm now finding the good folks over at Whedonesque (of which I am one (Mara), and have been for a good long time now although I don't post all that often) are tearing down Kitchen Confidential. It's only been three episodes people and I personally think it's pretty damn good. I watched the promotional pilot weeks before it was on the air, and I watched it again when it aired (well, the day after what with me being on the other side of the Atlantic and all!) and I watched How I Met Your Mother at the same time.

I was wiping tears of laughter away whilst watching KC, I barely smiled watching HIMYM. I've now seen the first three episodes of KC and no more of HIMYM (if it shows up on a channel over here I will probably watch it, on the other hand I will definitely watch KC when it airs on Paramount). I guess it doesn't matter what the mid-20s upwards demographic thinks though, it's that all important 15-24 age bracket that really counts. And KC is not going to play well to that audience for the simple reason that 15 year olds simply don't have the life experience to 'get' it. Is the show doomed? I really hope not, it's funny, it has great performances from every single cast member and has intelligent writing. What am I saying? Of course it's doomed.


This on top of my ever-dwindling affection for the Star Wars Extended Universe (or at least it'll dwindle until hacks like Denning are kicked out of the playpen) makes me wonder about a bunch of things. Is it me or is it fandom?

I don't ever see myself abandoning BtVS or Firefly fandom, but then I would have said that a few years ago about SW and I barely post about it anymore - anywhere. Is fandom just a passing phase? Am I finally getting a life?

When I graduated from Uni I did so with an honours degree in media and I couldn't watch TV or films any more. All I could see whenever I watched anything was the mise-en-scene or the editing decisions, or any one of a million little cues to textual analysis. Buffy was the first thing I watched on TV after that which hooked me into the characters and stories. Yeah, sure I still did the textual analysis thing (sometimes annoyingly so if you ask the folks over at the BBB where I posted 'topics' every week after an episode aired (Yes, but what do you really think the purpose of mirrors and reflections was in the episode Afterlife..)) but it was secondary.

Now? There's not much out there that I don't tear apart the instant I watch it. Veronica Mars comes close, and Lost did (although re-watching season one and starting into season two has proven that I'm watching for things more than I did on the first watch - I'm not connecting with the characters anymore). Am I losing interest in TV or is TV (and fandom) changing?
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