October 5th, 2005

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Fly-by post

Will reply to comments on my previous entry soon  - just thought I'd fly by to say there's going to be a webchat in half an hour at gm.tv with Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau (they were interviewed on the show earlier - nothing much new apart from Summer looking incredibly tired right now). I have submitted questions (because despite the 'live' claim, it's going to be them answering pre-selected questions) so watch for the name 'Mara' come up - doubt it will, in fact I wouldn't be surprised if the site crashes 'cause I seriously doubt they're expecting as much attention as they'll get.

(not too well by the way - thought it was hayfever until I noticed it was getting worse and antihistamines really weren't helping, plus you don't usually get sick to the stomach with hayfever. It's driving me nuts right now so I'm drowning in lemon and ginger tea and hot water bottles.)
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GMTV Webchat transcript

Just finshed - here's the transcript! (I missed the very first question) And yes, got one of my questions answered! (Although it wasn't one of the pre-sent in ones, I sent it during the chat and it popped up a minute later) ETA gossi posted the whole thing over at Wehdonesque so I've added the parts I missed in italics end edit

Collapse )

And some of the screencaps I took during the chat - the streaming wasn't great but hey, what can you do? here you go!
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So MTV's Alex Zane is clearly a Whedon fan - I've never ever seen him tongue tied before! And now he's got Joss sitting next to him and he really doesn't know what to say!

Ha - that was particularly funny because they were trying to do all sorts of fun and games things which were clearly falling flat and yet Alex kept on trying to push it... Gotta love it when UK TV does the US format badly!