October 10th, 2005

life begins - me

*note to self*

Never ever go back to one of your own unfinished stories and re-read it from scratch. Especially not the first ever attempt at BtVS writing which is still languishing unfinished after... four years I think it is! Gah! I'm determined to finish this story - I always have been - but dammit the start of it really shows how much I had to learn about BtVS fic when I wrote it. In short? It sucks. The basic story is good (would it be egotistical to say it's a great concept? heh!) and some of the dialogue isn't too bad (bizarrely enough I think I managed to get Spike pretty much spot on, which freaks me out because I just can't seem to write him anymore!) - oh and the last part posted is much better than the first couple of pieces - but it all needs to be re-written before I'm happy to put my name to it now.

*melodramatic sigh*

Doesn't help that I burned a compilation CD last week which is turning out to be the perfect soundtrack to the story and now I can't get it out of my head. I'm going to have to write this now.

What I'll do though is actually finish it before I start posting it anywhere again, that'll make a nice change from my ever-growing list of unfinished stories. (I really hate being that person, the one who never finishes anything, I'm working on it.) So... smhwpf? Would you be up for maybe looking over this when it's done? It shouldn't be too long actually, I've got all the chapters plotted out and some random scraps already written (as well as the existing six chapters...)

Feeling better today by the way - headache's more or less gone, not feeling quite so crappy now and although work still sucks I'm just going to keep my head down and get on with it now. Seems the best plan I think, I've been letting it get to me too much lately and it's meant that I've been losing sleep and getting way too stressed out. Time to 'take a chill pill' as we used to say and just let it go.