October 12th, 2005

willow/xander//embrace (pack) - me

What a difference a day makes

Sorry, it's not the story of that name, or even the song. It's my self-realization that 24 hours can change everything.

Thank you all for cheering me up yesterday - I was in a funk, further down than I've been in a while, and everything seemed to make it worse. I'm a lot better today, much more positive about things in general. I took a half day today, just to have some time to myself, and I ended up watching a film which resonated with me more than I can explain. Garden State. It's nothing like my life, and yet it is my life on that screen. Made me feel... better, I guess.

So I'm being proactive now, determined to be positive about things. I did the dishes, have done three loads of laundry and another load is in the machine right now, wrote just under 1000 words of the rework I'm doing, plotted out my three options for NaNoWriMo - I'm going to give the three ideas a week or so to mull over before I finalise the one I'm going with, basically I've been doing things rather than sitting on the floor watching dvds (probably with at least one beer handy) which is what I usually end up doing with my afternoon's off. I have a bunch of things still to do - not least of which is the beta for emeraldswan (yay! More Emmy fic!) and some more writing of my own. If I keep going the way I am right now, I should be well on my way to clearing my to do list by the weekend.

Oh - and if you're interested, I've set up a journal for further ramblings about NaNoWriMo. It's also where I'll be posting my writing as it's done. marajaded_nano (I'm registered as MaraJaded over at the NaNo site).

I solemly swear never to get myself into a funk like that again. At least not over something so pointless as my job.

ETA Thanks Emmy for sending me this link - Serenity in 2000 words or less... This is basically the film summarised. Funny as hell!