October 14th, 2005

life begins - me

yeah, this was a good plan

I have a million black v-neck tops. Well, not quite a million, but safe to say I have a hell of a lot of them (mostly because I hate throwing away old clothes - most of the black tops aren't actually black anymore, but they're still whole so why get rid of them?) Anyway - long story short, grabbed one out of the drawer this morning, put it on (along with my black combats - how very SAS of me...) grabbed my jacket and headed out. It's freezing outside, not much warmer in work, so why did I pick up the one black v-neck top with short sleeves?!!!

I'm trying really hard not to put my jacket back on 'cause I 'won't feel the benefit when I go outside' otherwise but it's a close run thing right now! (Plus I forgot I used up all my coffee yesterday so I don't even have any hot drink to warm me up - grrr.)

LOL!!!! Okay, so Monkey's just walked into the office... in a kilt. Is it impolitic of me to have burst out laughing when I saw him? (One of the girls is finishing up today and we're having a night out forher tonight - the dress code was supposed to be 'fabulous'. Quite how that translates into a kilt and a t-shirt from Next I'm not really sure...)

ETA see, Monkey distracted me and I forgot what I was going to say! Lost! Peanut Butter! Joy!
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life begins - me

sleepy now...

So we went out for lunch there to a place which freaks me out that it's a 'speciality' restaurant - Monster Mash. Twas very very good. m'sleepy now... gonna curl up in the corner, y'know just in case anyone's looking for me...
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