October 17th, 2005

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Question for INAP users

Is the font size legible on the site? It's set to 11pt sans serif at the moment for no reason other than I like 11pt when there's so much text to go through. I've been contacted by someone asking how they can increase the font size because at the moment they can't read anything on the site. There isn't a way currently, and although I could include a script to do it, there's something in that script which screws up in Firefox and right now I don't have the time to tear that apart to find the problem.

So should I increase the size of the text site-wide? Or would it be better to have a 'skin' set aside purely for large font?

(For the stories themselves, just in case you guys didn't know this, if you click on the little 'printer' icon it opens up the story text in a new window without the banner header along the top and in a larger font size (13 pt I think).

What d'you think? Leave it as is, change it site-wide, or create a new large font layout which people who want it can select?

eta One of these weeks I will actually get through a full five days without taking some time off. I'm taking a half day today to go to the supermarket and maybe even get the car washed. Maybe. And do some writing! Yay! Or maybe some iconing - I made a bunch yesterday for contests and am really pleased with the results. The contests are all anonymous though, so until voting closes on them I can't post them anywhere - so what I might just do is make a bunch more using the same techniques and post them. Any requests? (yes naol, I still remember the B/X request, I just haven't been iconing since you mentioned it - that's top of my list right now).

Or maybe I should actually work on the sites instead - especially the one I'm making for a friend, I told him on Friday I'd have something for him to look at by today and kinda... haven't. Won't take too long though, it's all text based and should be relatively simple to code so...