October 20th, 2005

life begins - me


Firstly - thank you all for commenting on my first attempt to write Simon! You have no idea how bouncy it made me to see such positive responses!

Second - my password for LJ is kinda like the one Veronica reels off when she asks the IT guy to change it in the first season of Veronica Mars - not the same, just in no way predictable - so why did Deepest Sender just tell me it was too easy to guess and recommend I change it? Especially since LJ is a bugger when it comes to passwords "this is based on a dictionary word" - ya think? Sorry - IT issues.

Third - I got no problem with people talking in the office, hell I do it all the time, but when you're a shelver who doesn't even work in this office normally and you constantly leave the door open and stand for at least ten minutes talking quite loudly, can I ask you one thing? Don't frelling lean on my desk and scratch your ass when you're doing it! (It wasn't even me he was chatting to either - in fact the girl he was talking to had been talking to me before he came into the room and interrupted us.

Fourth - I still have nothing to do today and am finding it really difficult to get into Mara's head for the fanfic100 fics. I'll get there, never fear, it's just... odd.

'Kay, now I'm going to do the five minutes of work I have right now and then maybe get some writing done. *g*

Oh - knew there was something more I was going to say. The new seasons of Stargate have just started in the UK (yeah, we're quite far behind this time around for some reason) and I have to say while I'm loving the new season of Farscape... oh sorry, that should be SG-1, Atlantis is kinda not hooking me yet. I'm not abandoning it by any means, but it just seems to have lost a little of the spark it had.

ETA looking for a little advice. Last weekend my sister and I had this conversation:
Her "Do you use your laptop a lot?"
Me "Yeah, I use it a fair bit. Why?"
Her "I was wondering if I could borrow it for college work."
Me "Well..."
Her "It'd just be for eight or nine weeks, but if it's a problem."
Me "It's not that, it's just..."
Her "(laughing) It's either that or I get you to type up my notes for me since you're a faster typer than me."
Me "I'll think about it."

I was going to say yes, mostly out of habit really, but then I started thinking about it. She doesn't really take care of her own things all that well (her new car is already jam-packed full of sweet wrappers and rubbish) so how do I know she's not going to damage my laptop? She won't be able to work it properly - it has a glitch in the start-up. I should really revert to factory settings but it's easy enough for me to bypass so I've just never bothered - so she'll be phoning me constantly asking me for help. And finally, her 8 or 9 weeks (knowing her) will stretch out well into the new year and there's a good chance I might never see it back again. Plus, her 8 or 9 weeks runs over the NaNo span when I really will be using it almost all the time.

So how do I say no when she clearly thinks I've already said yes? 'Kay, I hate families...