October 21st, 2005

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Had to take the day off today to sign for a parcel. Stupid courier company wouldn't deliver to an alternate address without written permission from the sender. When I phoned up the girl said I could pick it up from the depot. Which is about an equal distance from Glasgow as my house. In the other direction. So I took the day off. The guy was a prick as well - he all but threw the thing at me when he finally arrived. Not my fault it's been raining all day mate!

Anyways - I've been writing most of the day which has been fun. Except... I think I've finally gotten into Mara's head again for the fanfic100 fics. I was planning on a short little fic about how the five year old Mara ended up under the tutelage of the Emperor. Yeah... my short little fic is now standing at 1300 words and shows no signs of slowing down enough for me to end it. L'il Mara's fun to write actually - never done it before, everything I've written for her before now has been adult-sized (if that makes sense) so to write a Bolshie little five year old? S'fun!

Taking a break for the moment to grab some food and get away from the living room - my neighbours are fighting again and I can hear them clear as a bell through the wall. Classic line of the day: "Why should I have to put up with your crap?" to which I barely restrained myself from shouting at the top of my lungs "Why should I have to put up with both your crap?". I didn't do it, just as well really since that way lies trouble and potential mysterious air-let-out-of-tyres retaliation. I really don't play well with others all that well but my neighbour's got me beat hands down. He's a chancer basically and I steer clear of him as much as possible.

Anyways, enough from me now - once I've eaten something I'll be back to the wonderful world of Mara and her step-mother Aneela (I probably should find out if there's a fanon version of Mara's family out there - there never used to be but it has been a while, hell for all I know right now there could even be official canon versions of her family by now!) and then I'll be lurking around LJ for a while because I genuinly have no life. *g*
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I will stop sneezing at some point soon! I will. (I moved furniture and hoovered resulting in lots of dust in the air resulting in me sneezing constantly)

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