October 22nd, 2005

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Question for IT people

I'm thinking of getting a new USB flash memory stick. The one I'm currently using is the MP3 player I stupidly left at work and while it works okay it sometimes doesn't and to be honest it goes through batteries at a rate of knots.

So, suggestions on what I should be looking for? Brand names, peripherals, all that stuff?

(still sneezing by the way!)

Oh - and lookit my new icon! Made for me by emeraldswan - thank you Emmy! And speaking of....

Happy Birthday Emmy!

Quick FYI for everyone - Tony Head is going to be on Jonathon Ross's radio show on Radio 2. The show's already started but he's not been on yet. ETA Gah! Sis? Did me not saying "can I call you back, I'm listening to something?" and then turning the volume up so loud I couldn't hear you not sink in at all?! Tony's on just now - I have no clue what he was talking about because I was on the phone. Joy.
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life begins - me


So I posted. Gulp.

Where it all started - Mara Jade fic for fanfic100

For those of you who don't know anything about Mara, she was a force adept who worked under the direct control of Emperor Palpatine. She was known by the code name "Emperor's Hand" and was used as an assassin, a spy, a warrior. She was never exactly evil though, although she did evil things, it's a complicated system of morals really which makes her fascinating. Canon makes no real mention of her history other than she came to the attention of the Emperor early on and has no memory of her family. Digging around I've found a lot of fanon belief that she was orphaned at an early age and somehow survived on the streets before meeting the Emperor in her teens - that works for some but to me it's too similar to the back story given to Han Solo in the Han Solo trilogy so I'm choosing to go with my initial impression that she had been with the Emperor from a very early age. After the Emperor's death she lost control of her abilities and was unable to do anything, she fell into the employ of the smuggler Talon Karrde and through him came into contact with Luke Skywalker whose death at her hands was the last thing the Emperor asked of her.

'Kay, now I'm off to go write more I think. :)
life begins - me

Happy Birthday Dawnie

Birthday ficlet for emeraldswan  written really quickly when the idea just popped into my head. I hope you like it sweetie!

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Wanna know what club it was?

ETA GENIUS! Thanks to acme54 for the link. Contains images from the whole first season of Lost, it's only spoilery if you know what you're looking for but if you're at C4/E4 rate you might want to give it a while.