October 23rd, 2005

life begins - me

What the hell am I thinking?

50,000 words in a month? I can't even get 1000 words a day done right now so how the hell am I going to get 1600+ per day done on a story I haven't even narrowed down yet? Oh - and that's not counting the four or five days I'm taking off mid-month for the Serenity Squared convention.


I'm having a panic attack about NaNo right now (in case you hadn't figured that out yet) and I'm starting to realize just how certifiable I am.

I'm insane.

I will do it though, and I will make good with my 'one a day' joss100 and/or fanfic100 fics for the rest of October (I've not managed that yet - got some catching up to do yet!). Just... if I sign up for anything else like this again when I've got other projects on the go, someone please hold my head in a barrel of water until I stop struggling? Thanks! Knew I could count on you guys.

ETA random family stuff, I forgot to pick up washing detergent yesterday in the supermarket so my sister offered to put it on her online order which was due to come today. Rather than head out again myself, I said yeah. She got the wrong thing - kinda. I told her 'Bold Liquitabs, Ocean Fresh'. She got me Bold Tablets, Ocean Fresh. Shouldn't be a big deal but since I have excema I usually stick to one detergent to make sure I'm not aggravating anything - powder/tablets usually aggravates it. We'll see how it goes though - first load using the tablets is in the machine right now (in fact it's nearing the end of it's spin cycle) so I should find out in the next couple of days if it's going to be a problem.

Anyways, while I was up at her house collecting it, she said "Did you bring the skirt or the laptop?" I said no. The skirt I genuinly did forget to take with me - it's an ankle length elasticated waisted gothic skirt (the one I wore to Club Noir engelsteorra) that she's going to use for her Hallowe'en costume (and I'm glossing over the fact that a skirt I wear fits her as maternity wear when she's seven months pregnant) but the laptop, as you know, I wasn't going to take. I told her. I said honestly that I needed it myself for NaNo (which she thinks is a waste of my time - again, issue I'll skip right on over) and that I wasn't too keen to lend it to her. She accepted that. She did try to guilt trip me into it or into doing her typing for her, but I told her I wouldn't have time. I'm proud of me. *g*

sidenote, randomly, how odd is it to see the Mayor as a dance teacher in Malcolm in the Middle?!
life begins - me


So I was just de-friended by someone I thought would be the last person to do so. I'm not really sure why, but whatever. If I've offended them - or anyone else - I'd rather they/you told me about it because then I can do something about it, but if they/you want to just leave quietly by the back door? C'est la vie. (and yes, I'm leaving this as a public post in case that person still reads this journal.)
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