October 28th, 2005

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So remember a week or so ago when I said I was trying out new styles for icon contests? Well...Collapse )

had a fun evening yesterday - met up with dragonydreams who's over in the UK for an art tour and we went for a bite to eat and to the cinema - Serenity, of course. It was really good to finally meet up and actually put a real living person to the name!

And... I kinda wrote something on the train. Something that could potentially eat my brain. I'm going to do some quick re-working and hope to have it posted in a few hours to get it out of my system.
life begins - me

Fic: Walk Away part 2

Okay, so this is what's currently eating my brain. While the Dawn segment was purely written as a means of me getting some personal junk out of my system I realised I was being overly mean to Buffy. She didn't deserve that.

So here's her side of things.

Title: Walk Away
Author: Shona
Rating: This part's more of the PG-13, it disturbs me and I'm a child at heart...
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. Still just playin' in this sandbox.
Notes: Yeah, so this was never meant to be a multi-parter... The little quotes in italics before the story are from the Lennon song "Asking You", in case you wondered!
Previous Part: here

I look at myself as others see myself
And I don't understand how this is myself

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life begins - me


Yeah, so I won't be posting any more of Walk Away tonight - I'm literally propping my eyelids open here. So I'm off to go get some sleep and will post in the morning. (Plus, I've now speed-read liz_marcs's "Acme Heartbreak Repair Kit" which I hadn't previously read and am confident that where I plan to take Walk Away is a completely different direction. I hate plagiarism, even inadvertent, and if it had turned out that the stories were following a similar line I would have just stopped here. It's very different though. I think. So for now I'm going to keep going.)

Oh, and kinda put my foot in it at work but I don't really care. Hallowe'en has always been a big deal in Scotland - much more so than in England but not as big as in the States. Anyway, last year I was at a convention over Hallowe'en but some of the people at work (led by engelsteorra and Monkey I believe) went in for the whole costume thing and I carved a pumpkin before I left. Anyway - this year I checked with the boss and got the okay so I sent an email around inviting people to do the same again and if enough people did it we could maybe have a collection for charity. As I was leaving tonight I said to one woman "I hope you'll be dressed up on Monday!" and she glared at me like I was some kind of demon and said "No, I won't. I'm Christian. I don't believe in Hallowe'en." Um. Ooops. *g*
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