October 30th, 2005

life begins - me

Um.... oops

Okay so I have an exiting new obsession which has kinda occupied me for the last two days. I also have newfound respect for my mum. Not that I ever disrespected her, but she could turn out a good four or five inches of complex Arran or cable knitting in a few hours, I'm struggling with a hat. One measly hat. Which is (as we say in Glasgow) pish easy. Two days, well actually probably only about six hours all in, and it's decidedly un-hatlike at the moment. I'm having fun with my new obsession though! The only thing is, it's meant that I haven't actually gotten near the computer until today so if you're looking for more Walk Away... um..... ooops.It's all up here (points at noggin) and it will all show up within a couple of days - I promise. Plus, I kinda had an about face with my NaNo project - for that, blame Monsieur Pratchett. I picked up "Going Postal" the other day, a book I hadn't bought before because I was disappointed with Monstrous Regiment so much I thought maybe he'd lost his touch a little, and I'm starting to find the fun again. That said, the current plan for NaNo still rests on the same protagonist/antagonist, same situation - just a completley different tone.

So... what else... oh yeah. I have my first appointment with Psychological Services tomorrow. I'm going to be chatting to a guy called Norman. On Hallowe'en. Is it a sign of how much I need help in this department that I find that insanely funny? Appointment's at 9:15 in the morning and I have to go into work afterwards. Yeah, that's going to be fun! I have a Hallowe'en costume sorted for work (I'm dressing as a pirate - sans eyepatch 'cause I couldn't find one, but if anyone has any hints on how to make one that looks better than a bit of paper on an elastic band I would be forever grateful!) I've carved my pumpkin for the enquiry desk at work. I'm sorted. Oh, and I lost the questionnaire I was supposed to fill in before my appointment tomorrow. It's in the house somewhere, I know that much. I just can't quite put my hands on it right now....

Oh. And my sister formally invited me to Christmas dinner at her house today. I said I didn't know if I could make it, that I might have other plans but I'd let her know. I think I really upset her. I didn't back down though. :)

edit I owe some people responses and emails - I will do so soon, I promise!

irate edit BSB and Channel 4? You should be damned ashamed of yourself for Pumpkin Moon - cashing in on the never-endeing success you're bound to get by linking it to the Snowman I get, but to perpetuate a myth which has bugger all to do with witchcraft? Bite me. And as for the implicit americanisation of this country... I remember being outraged at the concept of Airstrip One when I first read 1984. Guess you're being a bit more insidious about it these days...

other edit since I bitched about the last show, can I just say a huge Thank You! to the Simpsons for the 'fat Bart' episode. My mum had heart disease caused initially by smoking and later by overeating. She survived five heart attacks and countless angina attacks. The sixth heart attack killed her. No kid should know the term "myocardial infarction". I did. So thank you to the Simpsons for showing that childhood obesity can have fucking serious implications.