November 2nd, 2005

life begins - me

random grumble

Traffic was shocking this morning - first I got caught up with an idiot who forgot what pump number they were at in the petrol station and backed up the queue for a good ten minutes arguing with the woman behind the till. Then there was an accident blocking most of the road a little further up which backed up traffic for at least forty minutes, then when I got past that there was roadworks blocking a lane just where my road meets the M8 at the airport.

Needless to say I'm a little irritated so far this morning and could really do without the random crap that's just come into my email inbox "The URL provided does not function and does not redirect, therefore we cannot add it to our database" - yeah? Well maybe if you'd added it when you were supposed to - last September - you'd have picked up on the redirect at the time....


And I'm behind on flexi time, was planning to work from 8-5 with  a half hour lunch break all week. Only thing is I didn't get in till 9 because of the stupid traffic and there's no bloody way I'm staying till 6. And I'm already below quota on NaNo - need to get 3200 words done today to catch up - and _inthedarkness is currently bothering me with a scene that's pretty damn critical having stalled partly I think because of the unpleasantness that revolved around the unfriending issue. I love that game, I love the story, but I'm scunnered with the crap it's currently taking to organise it. It's probably just because the day's off to a bad start but right now I'm just... scunnered.

ETA Can I not leave one bloody thing on my desk without it walking? Post-it notes. There's about ten packets of them in the stationary cupboard with is about ten feet from my desk, but oh no it's apparently easier just to lift the pad from my desk. Maybe whoever did it hasn't mastered that tricky little rip-tab thing to open a new packet...

And Laura? Bite me. (Laura at work, not dimlondeiel! Sorry - realised after I posted that what it looked like!)
life begins - me

Good grief I'm a grumpy cow sometimes!

Sorry about my little random rant this morning - one of those days I'm afraid and I ended up taking it out on this journal.

Better now though!

Got the first part of my NaNo project posted over to marajaded_nano now (it's friends locked in case I ever decide to submit it to an agent or anything insane like that!) and I'm feeling a lot more positive - even though I'm still way behind on my quota. There's still tonight to catch up though!

Go read this now!! bellatemple's done it again, a wonderfully quirky Tara kinda-AU tale. Tangent - go read it and marvel.