November 8th, 2005

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Happy belated birthday aaronlisa! Sorry I'm late - I wasn't online much yesterday. Hope you had a great day! Gah! Just realised I missed beccagirl17555! Happy very belated birthday sweetie!

In NaNo news I am now so far behind my target that it's beyond funny. I'm not giving up on this story at all, and I managed to get a lot done yesterday, but if I don't hit 50,000 then it's not going to be the end of the world. Although having said that I kind of overcame a hurdle last night in a part of the story that was bugging me a lot. It's still bugging me but I can always go back and fix it after November so now that's out the way the rest may just flow. Maybe. *g* I'll post what's done to marajaded_nano soon - I want to read it over one last time before I do (yeah I know, I'm risking an attack of the inner editor by doing that, but what the hell...)

I've also had zero motivation to do the site for Stu - the Gaelic Shamanism site - I told him I'd have something for him by today and everything I've done so far has sucked beyond the telling of it. It should not be this difficult - it's maybe 12 pages and one pdf file. That's it. Can I get it to behave? Can I buggery.

Plus, I'm considering having another efiction site - the code that's used for uploads to INAP. The new site would be the Buffy/Xander ship site I've been toying with for a while now. If I do use the efiction script it would be authorised uploaders only - anyone can submit but they'd be screened before they were accepted for the site. That should keep quality high. Plus there would be a huge section for graphics, I'm even considering having an uploadable gallery for that. Obviously with my current schedule this wouldn't be ready until the start of December but what do you guys think of the idea? Anyone who doesn't have the time to (or would rather not) upload their own stories could still send them to me and I can upload to their profile. Opinions?

Guy in the office just plugged in a fan to cool him down - I'm sitting here wrapped up in my jacket and scarf. One of the two of is clearly not well. *g* I actually have an appointment at the doctors tomorrow - to 'demand' sleeping pills on the advice of Norman the Psychologist - the appointment was made last... Tuesday it would be and this was the first I could get. Is it karmic that I'm feeling lousy just in time to see my GP? Heh!

Final note - we're really low on voting again on zeppo_stillness (and still no entries for the new challenge but that's open till Friday so I'm not too worried about that yet).

ETA HA! Y'know the data I was sorting last week - the Excel spreadsheet that wouldn't behave? Well I just tried something different with it - pasted the titles into Word to sort alphabetically and when I tried it I got this message: The data is too large for Windows to handle.


I was a little bitchy to the GT there, for wich I apologise. She asked me something about Serials and I told her what I knew but said "It's probably changed since I did this, you'd better double check with someone who's done it lately" She wandered around a little, did the thing she was meant to do but then didn't know what to do with it. Then she comes back to my desk and says "Am I looking in the right place for this?" I don't know - it's changed since I did it. I told her to go check with someone else. Was that mean? Is it my fault both the Serials supervisors are off sick today?

It's now 10:10. I was *this* close to calling in sick this morning and am now alone in the office... Just as well I didn't call in then!

Oh - and speaking of sites, 'cause I was a while back in this post.... *g* Just to clarify - White Knight Awards is still open. We're only at the moment running two rounds per year because it's a lot of work getting each round going - but nominations will be opening up again in January for Round Three. There seems to be an assumption that we were closed - not the case at all. I'll be updating the site soon to show that.

edit again yeah, you know what's really witty? Coming up to someone bundled up in every layer they can get their hands on and clutching a cup of tea and asking that person "Are you feeling the cold?" No I'm not - thanks for asking, I just feel like raising my body temperature to see how long it takes me to pass out... *g* God love her, but the GT keeps asking me if I'm alright. I keep saying 'not really, but it's just a cold' (I dunno what it is, it's probably a cold though) and she keeps right on asking me. I can't go home sick, I'm not actually ill enough to go home sick to be honest, but there's not enough staff around anyway. And hell, if I went home that would mean there's no supervisor between 4 and 5 because J's got a dentists appointment.
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I stopped forwarding on these emails a while ago but a friend of mine still insists on sending them. Well, I say friends, haven't actually spoken to him for about four years now! I'm a bad friend...


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