November 13th, 2005

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I've finally worked out what the deal is with my neighbour. He and his current girlfriend are one of those couples who fight all the time and after she's stormed out and roared off in her car (pushing first gear way past i's limit so that everyone in the village knows she's on the road) he puts on really loud music and starts doing housework. Right now he seems to be decorating, or at least stripping the paper off the wall on the other side of my living room wall. He listens to really loud music when he's in that kind of state and I get that, I often do the same thing when I'm pissed off. Difference is I have a set of cordless headphones so I don't piss anyone off (plus, it has the added benefit of letting me ignore the phone or doorbell). Dale doesn't.

He also has no taste in music and seems to have a new compilation CD. I could just about cope with the Britney, the Gwen, the Liberty X. But the Crazy Freaking Frog?!!! No one should be subjected to that in their homes, let alone bleeding through the wall from their neighbour's house whilst said neighbour is attacking the walls with a metal paint scraper (and from the sound of it gouging holes in the plaster work).

All of this was when I finally caved and started watching 24 season three. Last night, at 11pm.

So I'm a little grouchy this morning and in retaliation I've turned my TV volume up pretty loud and have the documentary channels on. It's what we call Rememberence Sunday here (services are held in churches to mark the 11th), the documentary channels are all full of war recollections. It's very loud.

Am I a bad person?

I visited Sister yesterday, first time I've done so for a long time. She was really tired and didn't have any fascinating stories about the staffing troubles at her nursery, so I started telling her some of the things that are going on in my life. Niece and Nephew went for their naps and Sister started yawning even more, I said "I'm going to go, let you get caught up with your college work or take a nap."
She said, "Maybe you should take a nap too."
Me, "I'm okay, I'm not tired."
Her, "Yes you are, you're waffling on about nothing."
Me, *bites tongue furiously* "I'll see you later."

Yes, when I'm tired I do talk a lot about nothnig, and it gets even more random than this journal, but yesterday I wasn't tired, I was talking about my life. Nice to know she things that's 'waffling on about nothing'.

Oh lookit that! Dale's awake. Out comes the paper scraper... heh!

I should get  back to writing today, couldn't really do anything on Friday - migrainey so computer screens were just the final straw really - and yesterday I was a little busy with other things. Although I have a lot of prep to do for next weekend as well so...

I need more hours in the day!
life begins - me

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"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them".

I don't wear a poppy, I don't give money to the Earl Haig fund (as my dad put it, "I won't help salve a murderer's conscience"), I donate money to the veterans hospices directly. I have never fought in a war, I have never lost a relative through armed conflict. I have no one name to focus on during remembrance day, I have them all.

I do remember my grandpa, the man who drank too much, the man who if his football team (Rangers) lost would come home in a foul mood and hit his wife, the man who spent the latter part of his life never apologising but trying in his own way to make up for what he did. I remember that man falling silent at eleven o'clock every Rememberence Sunday.

I remember that man refusing to eat rice.

He served in the merchant navy in Asia during the latter part of the Second World War. He never talked about what he saw out there, definitely not to his grandkids, but he wouldn't eat rice.

So I observe the silence today, I do it every year. I remember my grandpa, a man broken by what he saw.

But I won't wear a poppy.
life begins - me

Website question

So I was planning to use a Coppermine gallery for both the new B/X site and for Effects of a Troubled Heart, two problems with that - firstly, they don't support .gif extensions and since I have at least one animated .gif icon to add to the Effects... gallery that's a problem. Second, their idea of tech support sucks. Yeah, I get that it's open source and the support peeps are doing it unpaid, but they're so damn rude and condescending that looking for anything on the forums results in at least three hits along the lines of "this has been answered, check the forums" and having every single moderator have a note in their sig line saying "Don't PM me without asking first, it'll just be binned" makes me think this really is not the gallery I'd want to use even if they added .gif support.


Anyone know of any other good, free, customisable gallery scripts which support all graphics file types? (And allow multiple galleries adn registered user uploads?)
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